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SmartPest Paperless Office 10 Trial

Our Advisor can setup a fully functioning 10 day trial of SmartPest Paperless Office on your PC or Mac.

You can use this trial to set up your technicians, services, chemicals, routes etc.

We also offer the opportunity to access our SmartPest demonstration server so you can see just how easy it is to fill out service tickets and termite inspection reports on your iPhone, iPad, or iPad-Mini.

Simply send us an email request with the subject “Demo Server Access” to and we’ll provide you with a password and instructions to enable you to access our server. In no time at all you will see just how easy it is to “Go Green” with SmartPest Software!


os win Windows 10

[CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD SmartPest Paperless Office for Windows 64 bit]  Updated December 2017

Depending on your security settings, you may see a Security Warning dialog box. Click Yes to accept the Active-X control.

To install SmartPest for Windows first create a folder on your C: drive called “SmartPest”.  Next unzip your downloaded files to this folder and open the folder. Open the folder you just copied and right click on the SMARTPEST.exe file to create a desktop shortcut. Now SmartPest from this shortcut and follow directions found in the “Getting Started” text file found in the folder.


os mac Mac OSX 10.12 or higher – THIS IS NOT AN iOS DOWNLOAD! 

[CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD SmartPest Paperless Office for Mac] Updated December 2017

To install SmartPest for Mac, first create a folder in Applications called “SmartPest” and copy your files into this folder. Now open the SmartPest folder and double click on the file to start the program. Open the “Getting Started” text file in the folder and follow the “Getting Started” directions to set up your software.