Routing & Scheduling with Smart Planner

The Routing and Scheduling Module with Smart Planner allows users to view up to 7 different technicians on a single screen.

Stops are assigned and managed using a customizable color code system that allows schedulers or technicians to match stops by zip area to prevent unnecessary drive time.

Automated routines allow users to create service tickets for the next month or an entire year and make sure all appointments have been assigned.

Our Missed Stops report will remind you of any service calls that are past due.




Routes can be further divided by territory or type allowing multi-technician firms to easily manage employee schedules.

Maps can be created from any day’s schedule with the click of a button.

The module allows any inspection or service order to be assigned to a specific route or technician.

Create weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi- monthly, quarterly, tri annual, semi-annual or annual service calls including desired service day of the week.

Future appointments can be created with the click of a button.

As a special bonus office staff can create daily printed route guides for each technician.

The administrator can customize employee availability by day of the week, block out personal time and set holiday schedules.