WDI FX for single users may be purchased outright as modules or as a full suite. We also offer Optional Modules. Each purchase includes one year of Annual Maintenance and support. See Annual Maintenance and Support Policy below.


WDI/WDO Inspection Module – $399
California WDO Inspection Module – $699
Billing & Contacts Module – $599
Routing & Scheduling Module – $499
Contact Manager (CRM) Module – $99
Bid Module – $199
Photo Manager Module – $199
Soil Pre-Treatment Module – $199
Chemical Tracking Module – $99
Renewal Module – $199
Word Processing Module – $99
Contracts Module – $99


QuickBooks Plugin – $299 Annual Maintenance $75.


WDI FX Mobile – $499 SmartPest Mobile runs on the Apple iPhone or Apple iPod Touch. Annual Maintenance $125.


Full Suite $2,499 Annual Maintenance $499. 
Full Suite California $2,799
Annual Maintenance $599.

All purchased Suites include a FREE copy of SmartDraw drawing software

Multiple User Discount Pricing for all modules: 2-5 Users $10%, 6-10 users 15%, 11-99 20%, 100+ 33%



SmartPest Paperless Office Server – $5999 – SmartPest Server is the network version of SmartPest and includes 3 concurrent licenses. Additional licenses can be purchased at any time for $999. Server supports up to 250 concurrent users. Remote users from vehicles, or those who work from home, can access the program via a broadband Internet connection. The software runs as a “service” and includes scheduled automatic backups. Annual Maintenance and Support $1,499 for first three users. Additional users $249 each. All purchased SmartPest Servers include 3 FREE copies of SmartDraw drawing software.

FMS9_Box fmp9

The installation includes FileMaker Server 9 software. FileMaker Server supports up to 250 concurrent users. Remote users from vehicles, or those who work from home, can access the server via broadband Internet connection using the FileMaker 9 (provided). SmartPest Server runs on your own dedicated Windows XP Professional® or Windows 2003 Server® (or later). Requires a minimum of 2 MB of RAM. For additional information on FileMaker Server see http://www.filemaker.com/products/fms/.


New Image can provide SmartPest Server pre installed on a Nexlink Carbon® laptop for an additional fee of $1,099 (includes Windows XP Professional). The Carbon laptop is a next generation laptop which makes an excellent server for offices of less than 25 users. Its compact size and the fact that monitor, keyboard and battery backup are included in one easy to transport unit make this an affordable, easy to service hardware option. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOk_nmDI1do for additional information.


maintenance SmartPest Annual Maintenance and Support Policy

SmartPest and SmartPest Server products come with one year of Annual Maintenance. Annual Maintenance includes upgrades, support (Email and Live Help) and FX Connect. Annual Maintenance customers receive 4 hours of Live Help support the first year and 2 hours per year for each subsequent year. If the allotted hours are used in a calendar year Live Help is available at the rate of $39 for each quarter hour. Unlimited online Video Training and Email support is included.

Annual Maintenance Renewal fees are calculated at 25% of the current selling price of the SmartPest products installed and includes 2 cumulative hours of Live Help. Annual Maintenance does not include license transfers due to the re installation of Windows or other operating system issues or the transfer of SmartPest to another computer. Standard rates apply in such cases.