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November 10, 2020

BIG SUR - It's here and we like it BUT............

Please DO NOT update your Operating System just yet.

Like many software companies including the big players like Adobe, etc. not everything is compatible yet.

So please refrain from updating and if you have autoupdate on turn it off till at least January 2021.

Hawaii Termite Form

Hawaii WDO Report PC-9, published by the Hawaii Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs.

SmartPest Pest Control Software includes the Hawaii PC-9 WDO Report in our Inspection Module. The Hawaii PC-9 WDO Report is the official wood destroying organism report form published by the Hawaii Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs.

Hawaii Termite Inspection Report


  • Paperless office
  • Integrated Photo* Pages (*Photo Manager required)
  • Store graphs digitally
  • Addendum
  • Finding and Recommendations Library
  • Create pdf of finished reports to email
  • Ability to store an unlimited number of reports

This easy to use form includes integrated Photo* Pages (*Photo Manager required) and the ability to store optional Hawaii WDO graphs created with any Windows, Mac or iOS drawing program.

In addition, the Hawaii PC-9 WDO Report includes an Addendum which allows users to document property conditions that will not fit in the standard Hawaii PC-9 WDO form.

Information can be entered manually or by using the built in Finding and Recommendations Library which ships with over 100 standard comments and can store an unlimited number of additional comments.

The SmartPest Inspection Module works on any Windows, Mac or iOS platform including desktops, laptops, Tablet and iOS devices.

In order to email Hawaii PC-9 WDO reports, SmartPest enables users to add the inspector’s signature and Hawaii State license number automatically to each Hawaii PC-9 WDO report.