New Image Software Announces Release of SmartPest Paperless Office for iOS devices.

Press Release 2/1/2013

Corinth, Texas – New Image Software announced today the release of SmartPest Paperless Office 12. According to New Image Software President Richard Jordan, “SmartPest is the subscription version of our WDI FX product which has served the pest control industry for the past 20 years . We have been waiting for many years for all the pieces to finally come together- easy to use and affordable hardware, fast wireless data networks and state of the art office and mobile device software. All these components are now available to us. SmartPest is built on top of Apple Computer’s FileMaker Pro 12 database system. FileMaker Pro is the #1 cross platform database in the world and with the addition of the free FileMaker GO app, it now makes it possible for our clients to access SmartPest from any of Apple iOS device including iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch.

Jordan added, “SmartPest is the industry’s first software program designed from the ground up to allow PCO’s to ‘go paperless’ and SmartPest is available on an affordable monthly subscription. The subscription requires no long-term commitment and includes unlimited support and upgrades. A one-time setup fee of $199 allows any size company to create a Paperless Office environment.  Monthly subscriptions are only $99 for the complete suite and include unlimited technical support and software upgrades. Multi-user offices receive server hardware, backup and hosting as part of their fee and online tutorials are available to technicians right on their iOS device.”

According to the company, the savings realized by avoiding trips to the office and eliminating the need to transcribe target pest, chemical or treatment details from handwritten paper forms will more than pay for each subscription. PCOs who service bait stations, can also use the built-in camera on iOS devices to read station bar codes. Those who perform termite inspections will be pleased at how easy it is to prepare professional looking reports complete with photos and graphs while at the inspection site.

Jordan invites those interested in knowing more about the benefits of going paperless to download “How To Create A Paperless Office – without breaking the bank!”.  PC users can view or download the PowerPoint version at <.”>>. Mac or iOS users can access the Keynote version at A fully functional 10 day trial of the full software program can be downloaded at

New Image Software is a developer of paperless business solutions located in Corinth, TX. For additional information call (888) 214-7702 or visit the company’s website.