Contact Manager

Create and store email messages and contact reports, view history at a glance and much more. As an added bonus you can automatically dial any phone via Skype or go directly to a contact’s web page with the press of a button.




This powerful module is the heart of your customer relationship management. Each time anyone in your firm talks to a contact they should create a new Contact Report. Each record is automatically time and date stamped for future reference. Drop down fields allow you to document the purpose of the contact, location, items discussed and any follow up required. There are special buttons to allow you to enter quick notes such as “Left Message with Voice Mail, Left Message with Secretary” and “Left Message With Answering Service”. This kind of information can be a real lifesaver when a service issue arises.

Email has become a convenient way to communicate with clients and vendors so it is very important to include this communication in your contact’s history. The Contact Manager module includes an automated email creation tool, which allows you to create, customized email subject fields and is tied to SmartPest form documents in the Setup tab. Email messages you write in SmartPest work with most standard email programs such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, and other POP3 programs. Client related messages received in your personal email inbox can be copied into a SmartPest email form in order to maintain a complete contact history.