Bid Proposals

SmartPest Bid Proposal forms enable you to quickly and easily create professional bids including customizable guarantee language and customer authorization text.

SmartPest Bid Proposal forms include an automated “Assemblies” feature that allows you to add multiple pre-defined line items to a bid form in a single click. You can also capture your client’s signature on an iPhone or iPad then create an invoice with the click of a button (includes Tablet PC® devices as well).


Bid Proposal


SmartPest Bid Proposals can be created in less than 60 seconds using our automated Assemblies feature. You can define any number of standard services in the Setup section then add them to a single bid by selecting the assembly from a drop down box on the bid form. Items can be further edited making the entire process extremely efficient.



  • Automated Assemblies
  • Include a graph diagram
  • Add unlimited photos
  • Create invoices from approved bids


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Bid Proposal