SmartPest Now Runs On the FileMaker 15 Platform

Nashville, Indiana – New Image Software President, Richard Jordan today announced the release of SmartPest Paperless Office version 15. “In March we announced that SmartPest 14 was able to synchronize with Google Calendar, Gmail and Google Maps which allowed us to leverage the millions of dollars in development and infrastructure investment that Google has poured into each of their products.

With version 15 of SmartPest, our users can now take advantage of over 20 improvements plus a significant increase in speed offered by the new FileMaker Licensing for Teams (FLT) database platform. This update will allow our subscribers to see speed increases of over 200% which naturally results in greater efficiency both for office and field users. I have always said that SmartPest is the result of the collective wisdom of all our users….this update is a great example of that mutual partnership”, Jordan concluded.

New Image Software is a developer of paperless business solutions and is located in Nashville, Indiana. FileMaker is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple Computer and is the best selling cross platform database in the world. For additional information call toll free (888) 214-7702 or visit to download a free 10 day trial.