New Image Software was founded by Rich and Kathy Jordan in 2002. From that beginning they were determined to create a “virtual  company”, one that would be intimately tied to the Internet rather than conventional “brick and mortar”. They began their search for software tools and online support and VOIP telephony products that would make this vision possible. Plus, their guiding vision to “go green” by being paperless is at the core of all of their software products. They currently serve the pest control, lawn care, service, environmental and home inspection industries.

SmartPest Paperless Office is a product of New Image Software Inc. New Image Founder Rich Jordan, has roots in the home inspection and pest control industries. He started his own pest and lawn care company when he was 19 and in 1990 created a national home inspection company with a network of over 3,000 independent inspectors. The company he founded performed up to forty thousand inspections annually, including whole house, radon and wood destroying organisms. Because his final product was a paper report, he soon discovered the high costs associated with handling mounds of paperwork and photos. His desire to reduce this expense led him to involvement in software development. Rich has been creating world class mobile software solutions ever since. By utilizing popular handhelds, SmartPest brings a new level of efficiency and affordability to pest control companies.

New Image currently provides cloud hosting services through their partner’s data centers in Milwaukee, WI and Phoenix, AZ. The company uses this infrastructure to interact with employees, associates and customers located across US and Canada. The systems they have pioneered enable any company to save upwards of 40% in overhead costs by eliminating paper processing costs. In today’s volatile economy, this can be the difference between success and failure.

New Image Software has been proud to be paperless since 2002 and since then has helped scores of other companies do the same.