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Video Training

SmartPest users have access to many training videos. These videos contain over several hours of instruction, broken down into bite-sized recordings.



Setup and Technical Support

SmartPest subscribers receive free support via email or Live Help. All support requests must be submitted via the SmartPest Technical Support Request Form found under the SmartPest Help Menu or the icon seen above found on the Dashboard control panel. iOS users can also access the Support Request form by clicking on the icon shown located on each SmartPest Mobile Service Ticket.

We attempt to follow up all support requests within 4 hours during normal business hours. Support will be provided via email or Live Help based on the request submitted. Free Live Help support is for SmartPest functionality only. It does not include data migration, customization, client hardware nor printer support. If requested, New Image Support personnel can provided such support at the rate of $50 for each 15 minutes of Live Help. New Image shall maintain server hardware, operating systems, backups and SmartPest software upgrades at no additional charge to the subscriber.

SmartPest Customization

Experienced FileMaker Pro subscribers who wish to customize the appearance of SmartPest layouts will be provided password access to layouts. New Image is NOT responsible for modifications. Such access does not allow access to the underlying scripts and coding. If requested, New Image Support will provide more in depth customization services at the rate of $150 per hour of support time. Be aware that custom modifications do not transfer to SmartPest version updates.


Backup center icon

Data Backups

Multiple Backups

For our Server Subscription customers New Image Software will provide daily backups of your server files. Standalone Subscribers are encouraged to maintain backups on an external hard drive, flash (thumb) drive or in the “Cloud” from their local computer. You can never have too many backups!

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